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Dear Visitor! Welcome to the world of movie props and replicas. On these pages you will find props, wardrobe and replicas from your favourite movies. Although prop-collecting is a fascinating hobby, we all have a full time job. Please remember that, if you are waiting for an email reply. So let's get started

What is this site all about?
This site represents the collection of original movie used props, costumes and replicas owned by Thomas and Simone Tewoort and Juergen Mathy. Furthermore we are doing some replica stuff for ourselves

What is Hollywood Hardware?
The name "Hollywood Hardware" stands for the collections of Juergen Mathy and Thomas & Simone Tewoort. We thought that other collectors and newcomers would recognize this much better than our real names, which may sound weird to none-germans. We are NO COMPANY - just private collectors.

Do you have more props?
All the props we have are featured in the PROPS (for sale or trade) section. We might have others, but those are not for the public view :P.

How did you acquire the items?
There are different sources from where you can get original movie props. We got items from auctions (Christie's, Sotheby's), other private collectors, people involved in the production of a movie, prop storage companies, online auctions and more.

Do you offer a certificate of authenticity?
Most of the items are sold or traded with a letter or certificate of authenticity. If not, we offer our own Please note, that we are a proud member of the MPA. Information about this community can be found on the website. Scroll down this page for the link. All items are acquired from reliable sources on a trust base. We know a lot of these people for some years now. If you are not happy with the background or the item itself - don't buy it. That's how we handle it. Just send a mail, when you want to know more details about a specific item.

How often do you do updates?
I used to update the site quite often, when Simone and me had no real focus on a specific movie. We bought and traded all kinds of props. That was until Blade came out. Now we are mostly collecting Blade Trilogy an TV props and therefore there are not much updates. I am always working on the FX Shop section and Juergen still buys a lot of diverse stuff. So keep looking for updates from time to time.

Can I buy any of these items?
Our main interest is to trade, because we are no prop-selling company, but collectors. And what is a collector without collection? Well, to be honest - you can buy any of these items, but we prefer to trade (Value is in US$) . So if you've got something to offer (prop- or costume-like of course) let us know. Please see our WANTED page also.

Can you authenticiate a prop I own?
While we are collecting for more than 15 years, we won't certificate any props bought on ebay or elsewhere. We might be able to help you find out more about a prop in question, especially when from Blade or Terminator, so feel free to ask.

Do you build replicas on demand?
Nope. We really don't have the time. Don't ask for a Blade gun replica or instructions how to make one - pleeeeeaze. However, some of our replicas are available for sale - see REPLICA COLLECTION.

How can I contact you?
Just click on the email button in the left frame.

Member of the MPA
Member of the MPA