Movie Actor Object Preview/Link Status
The Mummy Returns N/A Scorpion King army sword with COA arrived
Unknown Production N/A Large futuristic gameshow machine arrived
Battlefield Earth N/A Psychlo mask and wig with COA arrived


20 June 2001 Partly redesigned the whole page

17 April 2001 added the Pit Droid Tutorial - see FX SHOP section

19 February 2001 the FAQ was reinstalled - see INFO & CONTACT section

02 December 2000 FX Shop was redone, new Speederbike pics were added

19 November 2000 Page partly redesigned

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29 July 2000 The ultimate Terminator prop resource
web site is online
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26 February 2000 Website was completely redesigned and a lot of stuff was added!!!

13 February 2000 The ultimate Blade collection!
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12 December 1999 Added pictures of the Battle Droid head

28 December 1999 Pit Droid Construction has begun!

10 September 1999 Battle Droid Blaster completed!

10 September 1999 Added an animation of the Blade gun

11 September 1999 Darth Maul Bust II completed

2 September 1999 Completed Han Solo in Carbonite (Upgrade)

31 July 1999 Introduced the new WANTED! page - see what we are currently looking for

30 July 1999 Had to remove all B@tm@n items due to a fax from Warner Bros.
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17 July 1999 Added the Archives - These show items which were sold or traded

8 July 1999 Battle Droid Construction has begun.